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   Established in 1998,Xiamen Newocean Group which is located in the southeast port of xiamen city in China, is one of the most professional suppliers specializing in LED lights,TV mounts,solar mounting , air conditioner brackets and other assembly accessories.


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Size (mm):a,75;   b,83; --------  Material:(Plastic  ABS)                    &#..
Size (mm):  b,83;  c,100;  ----- Material:(Plastic  ABS)                    ..

Size (mm):    b,83;  c,100;------  Material:(Plastic  ABS)                  ..
Size (mm):a,75;b,83; c,100;  Material:(Plastic  ABS)                       ..

Size (mm):a,75;b,83; c,100;  Material:(Plastic  ABS)                       ..
Size (mm):a,75;b,83; c,100; Material: (Plastic LDPE)                        ..

 Size (mm):b,83; c,100; ------- Material:(Plastic  ABS)                     ..
Size (mm):a,75;b,83;c,100; Material:(Plastic  ABS)                        ..

Size (mm):a,75;b,83;c,100;  Material: (Plastic PVC.)                        &..
Features: 1) Made of plastic 2) Diameter: 3/4 3) 100 meter/box 4) Be the same with air conditioner 5) Capability: springiness and inflect Our products are exported to the..

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